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Individually tailored holistic rebalancing

Capucine Demnard devised the VedaCare approach, a blend of bodywork, artistic and emotional expression, meditation, relaxation and medicinal/medical workshops to rebalance body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Capucine takes you on a profound holistic journey, either in partnership with other therapists or on her own, depending on your needs as diagnosed in your first session.
Every session will leave you feeling more centred, more dynamic and more effortlessly efficient.

Music Therapy at the VedaCare centre

Using different forms of sound as a means of communicating, structuring and analysing our inter-relations, music therapy offers a vehicle to support, treat and heal people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly. The VedaCare approach is based on in-depth music therapy and neuroscientific research into how frequencies affect the human body, and its fun, creative practice integrates the benefits of yoga and complementary therapies like chiropractic, naturopathy, and aromatherapy.

An integrative care method for all

Children, teens and adults either healthy or suffering from a diagnosed disease or disorder. Whether you are subject to physical, mental suffering, emotional difficulties, mental or neurological disorders or if you simply want to focus on yourself, move forward, develop your life and make decisions, Capucine will offer you a personalized and effective work in total harmony. The patient can make an appointment voluntarily or on the recommendation of a therapist or doctor who will contact us.

Face to face or on-line individual music therapy or psycho-musical relaxation session

Face to face or on-line individual psycho-musical relaxation session

Lie down and let yourself relax with personalized sounds and specific frequencies, in order to undo muscular knots or release emotional blockages.

Fees and information

Sessions at Turopark Medical Centre - Barcelona

Sessions at Turopark Medical Centre - Barcelona

Music therapy and integrative health sessions for kids, teens and adults. Relaxing and counselling sessions to know yourself better and manage daily situations.


Fees and information

Join the VedaCare community

Join the VedaCare community

Join us on Instagram to breathe, strech, relax during our live Instagram workshops @vedacare_


VedaCare for Businesses

In your business life, VedaCare can help boost energy and concentration, optimise intuition and clear-sightedness in decision-making, balance your mind and body so you effortlessly perform better, and improve your inter-personal relationships.
VedaCare offers companies individualised coaching and programmes built around one-to-one or group exercises that take place over several days.

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