VedaCare was devised by music therapist, yoga teacher and creative director Capucine Demnard as a therapeutic method to treat children, teenagers and adults.
It’s uniquely tailored to each patient, through a series of sessions formulated to achieve the specific objectives defined together at the outset.
Each session is led by one or more qualified and certified specialists who have several years’ experience as practitioner teachers.

Music Therapy






A 3-stage approach

The VedaCare approach is structured around three cycles – each consisting of three phases – that combine sharing and listening with bodywork, artistic and emotional expression, and meditation, enabling you to find a physical, mental and vibratory balance.
1- Gaining self-awareness

Letting go, restoring, integrating

2- Progressing and building

Daring, deepening, memorising

3- Mastering your senses

Connecting inwardly, self-validating, finding your own rhythm

Letting go

Listen to what the body is saying, unknot painful muscles and unblock the first emotional points.


Oxygenate the body and mind to revitalise your whole being. Release tension and stress.


Balance mind and body, integrate change.


Find your bearings again, set new reference points and dare to be bolder.


Regulate and learn to manage your physiological and emotional states.


Integrate physical and spiritual change.

Connecting inwardly & Self validating

Look after your mind and body. Anchor knowledge.

Finding your own rhythm

Be self-dependent, know how to get your needs met, and move at your own pace.

Who can benefit from VedaCare?

VedaCare is suitable for anyone, whatever their age. Children, teenagers and adults – whether they’re in good health or suffering from a diagnosed illness or disorder – can get support with the difficulties life places in our way.
Concentration disorders
Craniocerebral trauma
Physical disability
Maladie chronique
Chronic disease

VedaCare in action

Private sessions

1-hour sessions, by appointment, in Arles or Barcelona, or online follow up sessions.<br /> Every session will leave you feeling more centred, more dynamic and more effortlessly efficient.

Concerts and events

Find out about our approach and meet our practitioners at one of the many events and workshops we run throughout the year in France and Spain.

Residential retreats

A VedaCare residential retreat is a deep dive into a world of intense wellbeing, giving you the tools you need to carry the method through into your everyday life. Meditation, yoga and massage sessions are supplemented with delicious naturopathic meals.


Is music therapy for people who are ill?

Not at all. You can have a session to relax, to unwind, to enjoy some time for yourself and to be heard. You can come for a session to improve your daily life, to manage stress or emotions, to regulate the pace of your life, or to work on diagnosed disorders such as neurosis, addiction, autism, or an eating disorder. You might also come with a medical prescription as part of a treatment plan, or in the period just before or after an operation.

Do you need to be able to play music to do music therapy?

No, whether you play music or not, whether you know or like music or not, it doesn’t matter, music therapy offers listening to sounds or producing sounds. It is by no means a musical performance.

What should I bring for a music therapy session?

Comfortable clothing: soft pants or jogging, socks, snickers.

Do you need to practice a sport or do yoga beforehand?

No it’s not necessary. The session is personalized and adapts to everyone’s needs and abilities.

Can I come with a friend or my partner for a session?

Yes, you can come as a couple, with family, with friends, of your own free will, or on the recommendation of a therapist.

How old do you have to be to do a music therapy session?

There is no age limit. We offer specific care for newborns, as well as end-of-life support to patient and family. The sessions can take place at any age from birth to the last breath.

Can you come to my home for a session?

Yes it’s possible. Transport will be the responsibility of the customer.

Can I book a customised course of private treatment?

Yes, it is possible over 2 or 3 days with specific care adapted to your needs. This can take place in Barcelona, ​​Paris or Arles.

Can VedaCare come to my home to give me a private course of treatment?

Yes it’s possible. You have a house, an apartment, a place and a group of friends or family: VedaCare comes to your home for treatments, creative workshops, cooking lessons … specifically for you!