Our retreats are for those who want to take a break from the routine, to promote wellness both physically through relaxation, massage, yoga and naturopathy, as well as spiritually through meditation and reflection.
We offer 2 levels of retreats: the basic balance retreat for those who are new to the practices proposed and the deep experience, for those who already have a regular practice or who wish to deepen their previous training.


Body-Mind Balance

3 days / 3 nights

This retreat will allow you to rebalance yourself and to quickly find a good energy. The different workshops are adapted to beginners and those who wish to follow a personalized rhythm.


Body and Spirit awareness
&  self-realization

5 days / 4 nights

This retreat is the continuation of the basic workshop, to deepen your practice, your reflection and time working within a group. This course is recommended after a first experience or a regular meditation practice.


During your retreat, the vedacare method plunges you into a world of intense well-being and gives you the keys to move forward in your daily life. Meditation, yoga, and massages are complemented by delicious brunches, meals and snacks prepared and explained by naturopath, juliette jouannet, to perfect and complete your well-being through food.

A moment for yourself,

To reconnect and develop

Take a break to recharge your batteries.
Connect back to yourself and to nature.
Understand time and space differently.
Take the time to listen and be listened to.
Whether in a house overlooking the corsican beaches, in the heart of the provencal countryside, or in the superb coves of minorca, the chosen destinations are always conducive to relaxation and conviviality.
Yoga, meditation, music therapy, naturotherapy, vedacare retreats are based on group activities carried out by field professionals, and on individual sessions that allow you to achieve real personal development in a short time. The meals designed by juliette jouannet promise a true explosion of colors and flavors. They are pure moments of pleasure and sharing.

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Miracle retreat
Miracle retreat

October 13-16 2022

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June 2021
June 2021

Yoga and Music therapy retreat


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Frequently asked questions

Is transportation included?

No, it is not. It is up to you to book your transportation from your place of residence or other location.

What kind of meals do you offer at the retreat? Are they vegetarian and/or vegan friendly?

We offer an organic menu, according to the season and the activities we do during the retreat. There is no diet or weight loss objective. We work in small groups and can meet the needs of all participants, but it is preferable to let us know about diet restrictions during registration.

In what languages are the retreats held?

In Corsica, the retreats are held in French and English, sometimes also in Spanish if some participants speak neither English nor French. In Paris, the youth retreat is held in French. In Barcelona, the retreats are held in French and Spanish (Castilian, not Catalan).

Is it possible to pay in 3 installments?

No, a deposit is required at the time of registration and the remaining balance must be paid before the beginning of the retreat.
Payment conditions : 50% deposit is paid at the time of reservation, 50% remaining balance is paid 1 month before the beginning of the retreat. If you register 1 month or less prior to the beginning of the retreat, you will have to pay the amount in its totality.
Cancellation is possible 1 month before the beginning of the retreat. After which, during a period of 30 days, 20%, 50% or the total amount of your deposit will be retained, in proportion to the number of days between your time of cancellation and the beginning of the retreat.

Can I receive a training certificate after completing a retreat?

VedaCare is not affiliated with a training center. We can issue a certificate of attendance, but not a training certificate.