VedaCare Retreats

A VedaCare residential retreat is a deep dive into a world of intense wellbeing, giving you the tools you need to carry the method through into your everyday life. Meditation, yoga and massage sessions are interspersed with delicious brunches, meals and snacks prepared and explained by naturopath Juliette Jouannet, who completes your sense of wellbeing with nourishing food.

Taking time for yourself,

working on yourself

Give yourself a break to recharge your batteries
Connect with yourself and with nature
Experience time and space in a new way
Take the time to listen and be heard

With such enchanting locations – whether in a house overlooking a Corsican beach, in the depths of the Provençal countryside, or among the delightful creeks of Menorca – you’re guaranteed a lovely, relaxing and congenial stay.

Combining yoga, meditation, music therapy, and naturopathy, VedaCare retreats centre around group activities led by professional instructors and individual sessions that enable in-depth personal development work to be done in a short timeframe.

Juliette Jouannet prepares delicious food, bursting with colour and flavour, turning mealtimes into wonderful moments of shared pleasure.

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Is the cost of travel included?

No, never. It’s up to you to book your own travel from your home or wherever you’re starting from.

What kind of food is served on the retreats? Is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

We serve organic food, that’s appropriate to the activities and prepared with seasonal products. There’s no dietary or weight loss objective. We work in small groups and can meet any dietary requirements you may have, but please inform us of them when you first register.

What languages are the retreats run in?

In Corsica the retreats are in French and English, and sometimes in Spanish if there are participants who don’t speak French or English. In Paris, the young people’s course is in French. The Barcelona retreats are run in French and Spanish (Castellano, not Catalan).

Can I pay in three instalments?

No. We ask for a deposit when you book your place, with full payment before the retreat starts.

Payment terms: 50% deposit on registration, outstanding 50% to be paid one month before the retreat starts. If you register one month – or less than one month – before the retreat starts, you’ll be asked to pay the full amount at once.

You may cancel your attendance up to one month before the retreat starts. If you cancel within 30 days, you forfeit 20%, 50% or the entirety of your deposit, depending on how many days there are left before the retreat starts.

Can I get an official training certificate after a retreat?

VedaCare isn’t affiliated to any training organisation, so although we can give you a certificate of attendance, we aren’t empowered to give you any kind of training certificate.