Effortlessly Perform Better

VedaCare can help boost energy and concentration, optimise intuition and clear-sightedness in decision-making, balance your mind and body so you effortlessly perform better, and improve your inter-personal relationships.
VedaCare offers companies individualised coaching and programmes built around one-to-one or group exercises that take place over several days.


Music Therapy






An approach that meets the needs of people in business

Over one or several days, we offer practical guidance, coaching exercises and workshops tailored to help you face the many challenges of the business environment:
- Group dynamics and communication
- Committing to new challenges
- Ethics and respect
- Reducing stress
- Optimising your company’s available resources
- Achieving a balanced pace of work
- Maintaining performance to stay innovative
- Developing your competitive edge
- Concentration and clear-sightedness

1. Assess

Listen, unknot, formulate

2. Restore

Inject new energy into your personal and professional life

3. Build

New approach, new balance

4. Establish needs

5. Integrate change

6. Deepen innovation

7. Validate

Anchor the knowledge, rhythms and practices

8. Memorise

Integrate a holistic change

Rethink your everyday life

Time optimisation

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We’ll be happy to come to your workplace or hired venue and run a programme for your team over one or several days. We can organise coaching for individuals or for groups from 10 to over 150 people.
To find out more about what we offer and to get a quote, please get in touch!


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