Accepting the world how it is in order to accept a new situation and everything that could arise from this situation

Agree to stop: stop working, stop moving, walking, moving around, stop responding to our constant and immediate needs and desires

Accept the authority and emergency measures taken by governments, whether you agree with them or not, whether you voted for them or not, accept their decisions for protection and the collective health of all.

Accept with confidence.

Trust those who work, seek, work to cure and stop the pandemic.

Accept the professionalism and dedication of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, auxiliaries … all over the world.

Accept the strangeness and the unknown: accept the invisible danger, accept not knowing when or how …

Accept the presence of an intangible being, catchingus by surprise.

Accept our emotions, our stress, our anxiety facing a new and worldwide situation.

Accept that some of us may be afraid of death, for ourselves, for our children, our loved ones or our elderly parents. also accept how you feel, your emotions and mood changes, alike those around us.

Accepting to decrease our presence in time and space, not our internal energy.

Reduce our needs for permanent movements, proof of “doing” to exist. Agree to take up a different role. Accept in frustration: not being able to, not needing to do, for how long …?

Accept the lack, the restrictions, the limits. Maybe discover our own limits?

Accept the difference that some people can work others cannot, accept that some people have the right to move or go out others have not, accept that some people can heal others might not …

Accept different working, learning and communication methods: telecommuting, online school, online meetings, video calls…

Accept the other one in a different space: look at each other without touching, restrain the urge to give or receive a hug. Do not touch your own face. This brutal change puts us in front of the presence of the other one in a new space with a different energy, to which we must get used to.

In order to be able to accept all these sudden big changes, it seems to me necessary to return to yourself, to draw your inner energy, your personal strength, your own intuition, and not connect only to collective networks. Collective links reassure, they are essential for positioning oneself, locate our love ones and feel supported, but they take us out of ourselves and sometimes unable us from the interior focus that is necessary. It is therefore necessary to adapt and go from the collective to the individual in a skillful way, by testing your own resistances.It seems important to me to seek out one`s deep internal confidence, one`s creativity, one`s imagination … to dedicate ourselves to everything that we usually never have time to do, because we are always too busy.


To be able to accept what happens to us simultaneously, without getting overwhelmed, it seems important to me to take the time to think about what allows us to keep a positive balance: either meditation or sport, reading, for others digging into old memories (photos, letters…) Each of us have their own way to experience these difficult times. Everyone should feel free and happy to find their own way of support, and not judge the behavior or reactions of others. Accepting, is also accepting others.


Barcelona, ​​March 19th, 2020



Capucine Demnard